Dr.Harmony’s Favorite Bedroom Adventure Equipment

Liberator Zeppelin – $550.00
Take an adventure in this love ship to a place where anything is possible. The high density shredded foam supports and envelops every inch of you.

Liberator Hipster – $175.00
Sculpted to follow the contours of the human form, the Hipster cradles you perfectly to provide an assortment of new sexual positions that will thrill.

Liberator Black Label Center Stage – $220.00
The Black Label Center Stage was designed for couples looking for more theater in their intimacy, by providing the ultimate supportive platform.

Liberator Esse – $550.00
The Liberator Esse lets you discover 360 degrees of the best sex of your life, with every angle designed to provide the best access, sweetest support, and most enticing possibilities.

Liberator Prelude Bench Queen Black Label – $750.00
The Prelude Bed Bench is supportive, comfortable, and increases your access and angles during sex.

Liberator Black Label Wedge/Ramp Combo – $290.00
Liberator’s Wedge/Ramp Combo Black Label provides all benefits of the original version, but with the added option of bondage restraints.