Health Care Connection of Tampa

Today I had the pleasure of meeting with Karen McGinnis, the Admissions Coordinator at the JCAHO accredited facility: Health Care Connection of Tampa.  HCC is located in the Forrest Hills neighborhood just a few minutes drive north of downtown Tampa. It’s a somewhat smaller sized facility, with off site residences for inpatients known as “The Villages”, and has been treating people since 1990. What makes HCC stand out from other facilities in the Hillsborough County are their programs and long track record of experience focusing on the treatment of Professionals, specifically Attorneys and Health Care Professionals. They are a national referral choice for the Professional Resource Network (PRN) among others, and a local resource for groups like the Intervention Program for Nurses – FL (IPN). Aside from their programs for professionals, they also offer programs tailored for women and young adults, and are adamant that they design a program based on the needs of the individual as opposed to a one size fits all approach. HCC does not allow patients to have their phone or computer during their stay in treatment, but says that they can, in extreme circumstances, be a little flexible on this rule. They take a 12 step based recovery model, along with group, and one-to-one therapy sessions. They also focus on spirituality, and relaxation techniques. “The Villages” housing is separated into male and female apartments that are shared with several other clients designed to build a sense of community. New clients are assigned a “buddy” to help them get aquatinted with their new surroundings. Clients cook their own meals and along with housemates will be responsible for keeping their living space neat and clean. With both PHP and IOP options they take a three phase approach to the clients treatment. First is the acclimation, and detoxification phase. The second phase focuses on working on core issues. The final phase will help the client reintegrate into the community. A typical program will take 60-90 days. Families and close friends are welcome to visit on Saturdays, and Sundays.

For more information visit or call (813) 804-4212 or (800) 444-4434